Megazyme's mission is to provide high quality test kits and reagents employing only the highest purity enzymes. We offer Analytical Laboratory Services assisting labs in testing samples in terms of Nutritional value of foods and feeds, quality, authenticity, or in terms of their Research and Development capabilities. Our reputation depends on helping you solve your problems. If we cannot provide a method to analyse your samples, we will help you find someone who can. We also have the flexibility to develop new methods or tailor-make products for specific processes.

Recently Megazyme has expanded it’s range of test kits to include procedures for a range of organic acids (L-malic, D-malic, L-lactic, D-lactic, acetic, hydroxybutyric, isocitric, gluconic, glutamic etc.), alcohols (ethanol, D-sorbitol, D-mannitol, glycerol etc.) sweeteners (aspartame) and sugars (D-galactose, D-xylose, D-fructose, lactose, sucrose, raffinose, glucomannan etc.) and other components (urea, ammonia and acetaldehyde).

Many of the Megazyme test methods have been validated as standard official methods by scientific organisations, such as, the AACC, AOAC, ICC, RACI and EBC. Eight of these methods are now accepted as Australian standard procedures, with the Starch Damage, Beta-Glucan, Total Starch, Fructan, Ceralpha, Amylazyme and Resistant Starch Methods now endorsed as standard methods by the American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC), and by the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC). Five of these methods are AOAC Official Methods.

The enzymes in the Megazyme Total Dietary Fibre Kit have been recommended for use in the AOAC Dietary Fibre Methods: 991.43 and 985.29. See General Referee Reports: Journal of AOAC Vol. 81, No. 1, 1998.

The Megazyme creed is "Setting New Standards in Test Technology". Our aim is to be your provider of test kits and reagents of choice, on a long term basis.

Analytical and Testing Products:

β-Glucan (Mixed Linkage) Assay Kit 

AACC Method 32-23, EBC Methods 3.11.1, 4.16.1 and 8.11.1, AOAC Method 995.16, ICC Standard No. 166, RACI Standard Method

Ceralpha (α-Amylase) Assay Kit 

ICC Standard No 303, RACI Standard Method, CCFRA Flour Testing Working Group Method 0018, AOAC and AACC – under evaluation (AOAC Method 2002.01, AACC Method 22-02

Fructan Assay Kit

AOAC Method 999.03, AACC Method 32-32

Starch Damage Assay Kit

AACC Method 76-31, ICC Standard No. 164, RACI Standard Method

Total Dietary Fibre Assay Kit 

AOAC Method 985.29, AOAC Method 991.42, AOAC Method 993.19, AOAC Method 991.43, AACC Method 32-07, AACC Method 32-21, AACC Method 32-05

Total Starch Assay Kit

AOAC Method 996.11, AACC Method 76-13, ICC Standard Method No. 168, RACI Standard Method

Amylazyme (α-Amylase Assay) 

AACC Method 22-05, RACI Standard Method


RACI Standard Method

Betamyl: β-Amylase Assay Kit

RACI Standard Method


RACI Standard Method

Xylazyme AX Test Tablets have been widely adopted in fermentation and feeds industries for the measurement of Xylanase

Azo-Wheat Arabinoxylan, Azo-CMC and Ceralpha methods for the assay of xylanase, cellulase and α-amylase, respectively, have been adopted by the UK silage industry.